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Demi-Cube Glass Lift ID Lantern

The Demi-Cube is a glass lift ID hall lantern available in frosted glass, black glass and white glass. Intended for use in conjunction with destination control systems, it offers clear lines, clear visuals and a flush-to-wall mounting. The Demi-Cube is manufactured entirely from low iron glass that gives a luxurious velvety surface finish for a diffuse glow in operation and a soft, plush appearance when unlit. The glass is toughened providing a more robust and safer product.


Australian lift components are proud to offer a variety of display solutions from our local and international supply chain. With decades of industry knowledge and experience, our technical and marketing team will create customised graphical layouts and multimedia that is specifically designed to suit your project. With our dedicated in-house team, we also provide extensive technical support and site support services to ensure a complete supply package from start to finish. Our custom display solutions are provided in conjunction with products from Dewhurst, ECD, Avire and Pixel, including the US1, iS2-LX and Opal range of displays. We offer this in-house service as part of our extensive range of customer focused solutions to provide an experience that is unparalleled in the industry.

US1 Touch Panel

The new Dewhurst US1 Touch Panel is a futuristic alternative to traditional pushbuttons. it allows you to create your own style of pushbutton on the touch screen with a background that fulfils your vision and enhances your corporate brand and identity. The US1 hardware is available in 3 sizes 21.5”, 18.5” and 15.6” displays with PCAP touch screen that allows users to activate the touch screen effortlessly with finger, glove or conductive  stylus. The CPU is an ARM processor with plenty of power to display full HD 1080p video content on the screen.  The whole unit is neatly self-contained in its housing and is less than 35mm in depth. Part of the package is an exclusive programming tool that allows our customers to update content independently such as text, video, images and general tenant information.  At a later date they can load any changes in just a few seconds over network using the LAN cable or with a USB flash drive that plugs in at the back of the panel.

Blade Lantern

In a lift lobby of three or more cars, it is often difficult to see conventional lanterns when they illuminate. The blade lantern stands out very clearly and shows exactly which lift has arrived and its direction of travel. The appearance of the blade lantern is quite unique and the etched arrow is not really noticeable until it is illuminated. The Blade Lantern is available for both flush mount and surface mount, with a range of arrow colours.
  • Innovative design, with arrow floating in space
  • Meets DDA requirement
  • Provides lift with custom appearance
  • Range of illumination colours
  • Flush mount or surface mount
  • Gong optional

Corners Options and Bevelling

Edge & corner options:
  • Radius
  • Bevelled
  • Radius and Bevelled

Cube Lift ID

The Cube ID provides clear identification of the lift from all angles and from wherever you are standing in the lift lobby it is easy to see.  The design of the Cube is also quite unique and it is available in either an illuminated or non illuminated format.  The Cube is available in black glass with white  legend as a standard but other colours are available on request.
  • Easy installation fitting flush to the wall
  • Unique appearance
  • Illuminated option
  • The Cube is available in black glass with white legend as a standard but other colours are available on request.

Customised Full Height COP’s

Our customised car operating panels have been designed to meet the specific needs of major end users such as Marks & Spencer, NCP and Network Rail.
  • Back box depth and fixings meet lift car design
  • Material of your choice including paint finish
  • Hinging arrangements to allow easy access to wiring
  • Sized to meet your requirements
  • Top and bottom panels can be designed in if required
  • Fixings to suit your requirements
  • Prewire available


When you place an order with us we will generate an AutoCAD drawing showing the fixture that we will produce. We ask for approval of this drawing prior to manufacture.

Engraving & Etching

Engraving with single or multi colour filling, etching and colour logo’s


We have three fixing arrangement.
  • Standard Fixing
  • Front Tamper
  • Proof Fixing
  • Rear Tamper

Flush Mounted COP

Flush mounted car operating panel for lifts offers easy installation of metal box into car wall.
  • Easy installation of metal box into car wall
  • Faceplate secures to box giving a flush finish
  • Range of fixing options
  • Wide range of standard height and width options
  • Engraving to meet your requirements
  • Prewiring available

Full Height Surface Mount COP

Our full height surface mount car operating panel offers easy installation with  simple hinging arrangement to allow easy access to wiring.
  • Easy installation
  • Surface mounted to car wall
  • Simple hinging arrangement to allow easy access to wiring
  • Used in conjunction with C3P pushbuttons and low profile displays
  • Standard height of 2200 mm and width of 220 mm can be varied
  • COP depth is just 35 mm
  • Prewiring available.